Bees swarming through me

I know when bees swarm, they are harmless because they really only concern about reaching their new home safely. However, yesterday when I was walking through the main access road at Orchard Grove Allotments, thousands of bees flew by me in an unbelievable speed, rushing to a sacred spot. They were all very determined and […]

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Hot summer

This summer has been extremely dry and hot. So considering we had to leave OrchardGrove to do its thing pretty much by itself, because of logistics issues, we had some successes and some disasters. The apples seems to be ok with the lack of water. So the are berries, and very early this year too… […]

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The world future of food??

If you seriously don’t like the idea of  eating any food from this field or fields where similar policies apply than please support Avaaz in their fight against Monsato. This multi billion dollar chemical company has just issued a 168 page subpoena against Avaaz to hand over all documents relating to Monsanto. Therefore Avaaz does […]

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Destruction of biodiversity and natural habitat by Modern farming systems

After driving this week nearly 200 miles throughout Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Surrey, West Sussex and East Sussex, I saw for mile after mile the same depressing site came again and again- no home for wildlife and animals. Every field was pushed to the roadside to make way for giant machines for profit. This is […]

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Before and After

While going through some old hard discs today, I came across this long forgotten photo of when we just took the site on in Kingsbury about 7 years ago. It is almost the same shot as the main photo of this website. It gets a bit depressing at times when you think your progress is […]

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