Our Philosophy


Our aims are to create as many open spaces as we can, that brings together:

Growing – Living – Praying and Nature, all in one place.

We also aim to write, talk, discuss and network about this old but new concept.

Growing;Our growing methods are based on permaculture design such as no dig gardening. 

Nature; We aim to encourage wildlife and biodiversity into the growing spaces, with incorporating bee pollinated crops, insects attracting methods, pond building to encourage amphibians, bird feeding spaces, log piles and much more.

Praying;  We believe that a pray and a contemplation area are vital in open spaces where we can connect to our higher force (God). We try to implement it through growing in a labyrinth shapes, growing in golden mean shapes and by creating grottoes.

Living; Enjoyment and relaxation from an outside space is vital, so we try to create an inviting and a relaxing space by locating unusual sitting areas, log benches and magical corners to enhance relaxation and and provide observation and contemplation with nature.


Surely it is now obvious that we can’t carry on having a situation where the use of pesticides by farmers and gardeners have now wiped out 75% of all insects! This has been shown clearly by a research conducted in Germany over 66 ancient nature reserves.

Or for example, America is the main users of antibiotic on  food stock live industry. The food we eat is now only a fibre material, just like cardboard. All the mineral and vitamins have been leached out of the soil and the food is empty and tasteless.

When we go to a nature reserve we can’t any longer interact with the wildlife. We can’t camp in it and be part of it, and this leads to a whole society which is  disconnected from nature. We are disconnected to such an extent that even in social meetings about environmental issues the tea break includes non organic milk and non organic biscuits. Are we unable to see the connection between our daily actions and the the full Enviromental disaster that we have created on the planet?

Surely we should aspire to a situation where there is nature, where people live, where people pray, and where people grow are all in one place all integrative together in a symbiotic way . The nearest to hunter gather society. The place to pray comes from the origin of Ethos or ethic of a place that is naturally imbued with a powerful god energy force, like a place where a big tree grows or a very lush place or an amazing waterfall. Such a place is naturally good by its nature and resonates a powerful good energy like a sacred grove or well or spring.  Many early churces where placed in such spaces. We are in an age where people are disconnected from the wildlife by a shield of vast land of farms that reject all wildlife. Farmers now cut down the hedgerows which were the hub and pathways of wildlife. Our aim is to bring back the wildlife into growing, into horticulture, and with it bring people as well. And with that symbiosis of people and wildlife we can create more harmony on this planet.