Orchard Grove Project

This project is located in Kingsbury and is spread out through 10 allotments joined as a proposed community orchard and a community healing garden with a small wild area. All together the land stretched over approx 1.5 acres.

One of our aims on this site is to encourage biodiversity and attract as much wildlife as possible. At this point we have newts, frogs, bats, large flocks of goldfinches, sparrows and starlings , about 20+ blackbirds as well as plenty of main species and redwing in winter. We had few visits from a fierce kite and couple of owls. Also we noticed an amazing variety of bees and number of different bumblebees and solitary bees as well a larege number of ants nests, butterflies and other insects. At the orchard it have been seen grass snakes and an adder.


This is the Rosemary Labyrinth at Orchard Grove. This labyrinth is designed not only as a relaxing therapeutic tool whilst walking the path, but also it is shown in research that rosemary helps our brain to relaxes the neurological pathways. Rosemary even benefits neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s and seizures. The combination rosmary and labyrinth is very effective.

The History of the site.

From here :

And here;

And now it looks like that:

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