Who We Are?

We are a Social Enterprise and as such are committed to distributing over 50% of our products into places of need within the London area.

We want to create spaces where people-growing-spirit-nature are synthesised as we believe the present model of the split system between urban centres, agriculture structures,spirituality, and the natural world is non-symbiotic, unhealthy, self-destructive, unsustainable in a just manner, and socially schizophrenic.

Maya Dodwell – Coordinator

MayaMaya completed her Woodland Management course in 2016 at the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales. She had also received her Forestry and Arboriculture Diploma and license at the Arboriculture and Countryside in Capel Manor College. She is very passionate about wildlife and biodiversity and is now in the process of learning grafting at Brogdale Collections Institute. She has been growing in a permaculture way since 2010 and now in the process of undertaking a Permaculture Design Certificate in Brighton Permaculture Trust. 

Maya is coming from a nutritionist background and can not only see a major connection between physical and mental health to what we eat, but also the importance of growing and eating organic food and the relationship between landscape, nature and mental health. maya has just joined the London Green Belt Council and is becoming an executive Member part of the All Party Parliamentary Group. 

Fraser Dodwell – Communications


Fraser has a Certificate in Permaculture Design from Oregon State University where the style is to look at permaculture practical growing methods and solutions. Fraser has been designing since then an acre in Kingsbury London. He has studied Food Forest Design with Martin Crawford at the Agroforestry Research Trust in Totnes. Fraser is very knowledge about alternative growing methods and he has a great understanding of soil enrichment. He is now studying Feng Shui and an Advance Permaculture Design with Oregon State University using Google Earth and concentrating on designing for climate change.

Leslie Williams- Advises on Biodiversity


Leslie has abundant knowledge on Biodiversity, that is with no surprise after being the Biodiversity Officer in Brent Council for many years and also from hand on experience and establishing the Barn Hill Conservation Group, where they have planted hundreds of apple trees at the Roe Green Park. Leslie is also a butterfly expert and enthusiast and is now developing a butterfly biodiversity map around London and London Green Belt researching better ways of increasing its population.

Groups we Affiliated with

Harrow in Leaf

Harrow Green Drinks

Harrow Beekeeping Association

Save the Frogs!

Groups we work with:

Harrow Council- Biodiversity Office.

Harrow council Allotments Office.

Groups We Network With:

Orchard Project

Butterfly Survey Network

People Trust for Endangered Species

Frog Life

Permaculture Brighton

Hertfordshire Middlesex Butterfly Watch

Forest Garden Network of Agroforestry Trust.