A Tiny Wild life Sanctuary in Ross on Wye

Last week in Ross on Wye I sat down in a small garden created on the banks of the River Wye. I was absolutely astounded by the number of bees both honey bees and bumble bees attending the early blossoming shrubs there. I was also amazed at the sheer volume of the sound of the sparrows hidden in the deep shrubs around me. (As can be heard in the video below). I realised it is absolutely vital to have deep shrubs evergreen planting and early blossoming shrub planting to provide the shelter, warmth, food and nesting areas for our fellow creatures. It is interesting to note that in the background of the video there is a farmer on a tractor plowing a field who has made absolutely no provision whatsoever for the wildlife that have as much right to that piece of land as he does! That farmer is why the animals are crowded together in this tiny decent green space left to them. It was a beautiful experience but also it is quite scandalous what is going on outside the town.

Note the amazing little nest boxes made out of old clocks – what a great idea! That area is called ‘Time for Birds’.


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