Permaculture course at Brighton Earth-ship

This weekend I attended a Brighton Permaculture Trust course at their spectacular Earth-ship location in Stanmer Park Brighton. Luckily the weather was fantastic and the sun was shining all the way through and a very interesting time was had by all. For myself the most important thing learnt was from the research done by Stephan, one of the tutors. He has been looking at the symbiosis between closely planted fruit trees. He has found that by mimicking nature and planting trees in the same planting area up to maximum four actually increases their health and growth. This is extremely interesting for me, as the traditional advice is that each tree needs a large amount of space to allow root system to develop. We are definitely going to experiment with this idea at the Kingsbury site, and it will be very interesting to see how two M25 root stocks will develop in this manner. There is some evidence to this in that five years ago we planted 48 Jonagold apple tree stumps very close together just for the sake of a lack of space and they are all doing really well. The best thing I learnt was that Permacultute is a never ending learning experience.


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