Destruction of biodiversity and natural habitat by Modern farming systems

After driving this week nearly 200 miles throughout Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Surrey, West Sussex and East Sussex, I saw for mile after mile the same depressing site came again and again- no home for wildlife and animals. Every field was pushed to the roadside to make way for giant machines for profit. This is unsustainable, cruel, greedy and selfish. Man is not the only creature living in Southeast England but -unfortunately- he is the most powerful. So, surely, even more reason for him to create boundaries for living spaces for these other creature.

This relentless push by an inefficient, cost heavy, agriculture system with its enormous machines surely needs to be halted by government legislation. Forcing the creation of wildlife corridors, nesting areas and sanctuaries upon the farmers. A good start would be the enforcement of the replanting of the lost hedgerows ponds and coppices.

2 thoughts on “Destruction of biodiversity and natural habitat by Modern farming systems

  1. Industrialisation of agriculture has progressed significantly in my life time (60 years+). As a child I grew up on a farm surrounded by wildlife but as time has moved on financial pressures have relentlessly pushed farmers out of agriculture replacing them with businessman whose main, perhaps only aim is profit. The farmer of old lived on his piece of land, enjoyed the wildlife around him, cherished it, protected it for future generations.
    Industrialisation of the production of crops has taken place but much of the harm could be undone with the introduction of suitable governmental policy.
    The next threat to wildlife, and indeed to our own health comes in the form of possible post Brexit trade deals where the USA for one will be keen to force the industrial production of livestock apon us (chlorination of chicken, “precautionary” use of antibiotics in feed being but 2 examples). The details of any trade deals must be made public before we allow ministers to commit us to their consequences.


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