Sorting the seeds for Orchard Grove Project Allotments for Spring and Summer planting

Today we went through all the seeds we have slowly been buying and collecting since last year.  As we have now over 100 packets I think perhaps we have become over ambitious – but we shall see!

This year roots is our concentration.  As well as the usual carrots and parsnips we are trying to be adventerous with some more unusual edible roots such as Oca, Yacon, Mashua, Chinese Artichokes, Skirret, Salsify and Canna.

The aim of concentrating on perennial roots is to have a situation where in a piece of land where perennial edible tubers have been planted, even if abandoned, if one returned in the Winter months when all crops are dead there is plenty of food available.   The increase in tubers of the Jerusalem Artichokes we planted the year before last was aproximately 100 x itself just by leaving them in the ground!  Other than putting woodchip mulches on a hands-off approach will give you an ever-increasing food store that lasts and doesnt go off and can even be eaten raw.!!


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