Winter Visit At RNOH

Today we had a great meeting with Paul Busby. A butterfly conservation expert. We were discussing few ways how to record the biodiversity on the site and how to increase it. During the frosty but bright walk amongst the dormant apple trees we were lucky enough to see some exciting activity from the local wildlife resident. A robin, a green woodpecker, a couple of filled fare, a kestrel, an hungry fox. During the discussion we announced the fundamental of apple distribution on the site.

Quarter for the animals:

Because it feed the animals directly: We saw a Fieldfare feed on windfall apples. Green woodpecker feeding on the dead apple tree. We saw a Kestrel feed on the rodents that eat the windfalls. Barn owl feed on the rodents that come for the apples. We also witnessed a Robin eating the windfalls.

Quarter of the apples are left for the trees:

Trees for woodlands that haven’t been touched were so healthy and fertile

The apple have DNA information that feeds the roots and the trees send signals of what fungi it needs apple have incoded information and inform the trees roots from what’s going on outside and that let the tree know what it needs

Quarter for the poor community :

with universal credit heating hard and apples are full luxury item nutrition source distributed to homeless

Quarter for cider!

People who work in the orchard benefit from cider for the volunteers like they used to do in summerset.


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