My hopes today for the AGM London Green Belt Council.

Because we, at Hoi Polloi Permaculture, are involved in permaculture for about 7 years on and off.  We at present have three permaculture projects running.  About an acre project at Kingsbury, Harrow, London which is a lot of old allotments glued together; a small allotment of raised beds at Hampstead garden Suburb, Barnet; and a new project at the RNOH Hospital old orchard and kitchen gardens in Stanmore.

Its a very key time today with the London Green Belt Council AGM and a brand new All Party Parliamentary Group on London’s Green Belt –  its all happening!

With 90% of all orchards gone since 1950 and over 50% of London’s Green Belt under serious threat because application to built on green belt have increase last year by double and desperate councils are getting short of cash. We believe its vital that a horticultural level of growing is considered a serious part of Green Belt safety and that Permaculture is brought in to the whole discussion at Government level and that the way to do that is by actual examples.

The allotments in Kingsbury is like the Russian Front of Permaculture!  In Harrow and Brent a building frenzy of new buildings; built-over rear gardens; and concreted front gardens is taking place. I am concerned that maybe Harrow Council is seriously considering building on all its allotments as we have an outline planning application for a car park on our site plus a wild area and an apiary.  The homelessness situation in Harrow is putting pressure on the council to look at Allotments.

So I hope today at the AGM I will see a hopeful light


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